EDA Dominates at NDS

Mar 15, 2017 —

EDA company dancers kicked of the competition season at the National Dance Showcase competition March 4 - 5 in West Orange, NJ.  Here is a listing of the weekend's accomplishments:


Petite Miss NDS – Olivia Goldberg, L-O-V-E

Junior Miss NDS – Valentina Barbieri, Violet
2nd runner up – Jordan Germano, Beautiful Lies
3rd runner up – Sarah Kohles, Kill of the Night



Petite Solos – Competitive
2nd  place – Ava DeRose, Baby Face
7th place – Gianna Tedesco, Johnny One Note


Junior Solos – Competitive
1st place – Valentina Barbieri, Ave Maria
2nd place – Lana Zecchino, Freddy
9th place – Maddie McGovern, Speaking French


Pre-Teen Solos – Competitive
1st place -- Ava Hricko, Big Time
2nd place – Sarah Kohles
3rd place – Kailey Vento
4th place – Jordan Germano
6th place – Alexa Agesen
7th place – Victoria Pero, Glam
9th place – Camryn Ohl, Asleep


Teen Solos – Competitive
1st place – McKenna Vento, Some People’s Lives
2nd place – Shane Feins, Feeling Good
5th place – Isabella Farina, Eve
6th place – Madison Robertiello, River God
8th place – Caroline Reynolds, Problem
10th place – Hannah Kimble, Read All About It


Pre-Senior Solos – Competitive
1st place – Gia Maayan, Where Have You Been
2nd place – Adriana Guglielmello, Don’t You Remember
3rd place – Ava Zecchino, Bad Blood
4th place – Brenna Campanaro, Getaway
6th place – Madison Ribeiro, Cosmic Love
8th place – Eliana Stieve, How Will I Know


Senior Solos – Competitive
1st place – Sophia Ricci, Infatuation
2nd place – Kelly Tatulli, Sinking
3rd place – Logan Spiess, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
4th place – Julia Kohles, Always On My Mind
5th place – Kristen Catena, Paint it Black
6th place – Arlin Vieira, Jumpin’, Jumpin’
8th place – Katherine Stevens, Love
9th place – Jane Reynolds, Ain’t Nobody
10th place – Mattison Tatulli, Hit the Road




Junior – Competitive
1st place – Queen Bee


Pre-Teen – Competitive
1st place – The Answer, Madison Robertiello and Sarah Kohles
3rd place – Double Trouble, Alexa Agesen and Camryn Ohl
4th place – Shelter, Ava and Lana Zecchino
5th place – Bugle Boy, Keely Bowe, Ava Hricko and Victoria Pero


Teen – Competitive
1st place – Fast Car, Adriana Guglielmello and Mckenna Vento
2nd place – Wherever You Will Go, Julia and Sarah Kohles
3rd place – Winter Song, Isabelle Farina and Madison Robertiello
5th place – Locomotion, Peggy Matthews and Liliana Patracuolla


Pre-Senior – Competitive
1st place – The Only Fault, Brenna Campanaro and Madison Ribeiro
2nd place – Dangerous, Gia Maayan and Ava Zecchino
4th place – Cause a Little Trouble, Danielle Farina and ArlinViera
5th place – Sinners, Lauren Czachor and Lara DelVecchio


Senior – Competitive
1st place – Strong, Kristen Catena and Kelly Tatulli




Petite – Competitive
1st place – Bathing Beauties
3rd place – Broken Feathers


Junior – Competitive
1st place – The Rose
2nd place – I’m in Love With a Monster
3rd place – I’ll Be Your Clown


Pre-Teen – Competitive
1st place – Tomorrow
3rd place – Hit the Road Jack


Teen – Competitive
1st place – CLANG
3rd place – Sweet Dreams
6th place – Scars


Pre-Senior – Competitive
2nd place – Blackbird
4th place – Another One Bites the Dust
5th place – When Doves Cry


Senior – Competitive
1st place – Work Song
2nd place – Purgatory
3rd place – Work Song




etite – Competitive
2nd place – Listen To My Heart


Junior – Competitive
1st place – Handful of Keys


Pre-Teen – Competitive
1st place – Porcelain Doll
3rd place – Fly


Teen – Competitive
1st place – Beautiful People
2nd place – We Don’t Eat
3rd place – Everybody Hurts


Pre-Senior – Competitive
1st place – Grace
2nd place – Last Days
3rd place – Word Up


Senior – Competitive
1st place – Masterminds
2nd place – Grand Piano
3rd place – You Don’t Own Me



Pre-Teen – Competitive
1st place – If It’s Magic

Teen – Competitive
1st place – Happiness Hotel


Platinum Perfection Winners
Fast Car – Adriana Guglielmello and Mckenna Vento
Always On My Mind – Julia Kohles
Cloud – Sophia Ricci
Sinking – Kelly Tatulli
Infatuation – Sophia Ricci


Best of NDS – Sophia Ricci, Infatuation


NDS Scholarship Winners
Hannah Kimble, Sarah Kohles and Kelly Tatulli


Star Champions
Kristen Catena,Brenna Campanaro, Lara DelVecchio, Gianna Ehrhardt, Danielle Farina, Isabelle Farina, Shane Feins, Jordan Germano, Adriana Guglielmello,Hannah Kimble, Julia Kohles, Sarah Kohles, Peggy Matthews, Gia Maayan, Shanna Martinez, Liliana Patracuolla, Caroline Reynolds, Jane Reynolds, Madison Ribeiro, Sophia Ricci, Madison Robertiello, Nadia Rodrigues, Madison Saypol, Logan Spiess, Katherine Stevens, Eliana Stieve, Kelly Tatulli, Mattison Tatulli, Mckenna Vento, Arlin Vieira and Ava Zecchino


Levels – Caroline and Jane Reynolds
Strong – Kristen Catena and Kelly Tatulli


Legs for Days – Sarah Kohles
Class with Sass – Sway
Control and Commitment – Purgatory
Legs for Days – Peggy Matthews
Total Package – Adriana Guglielmello
Classic Stylings – Shane Feins
Explosive Emotion -- Kelly Tatulli
Elegance in Tap -- Logan Spiess
Seamless Turns -- Kristen Catena
Legs, Legs, Legs -- Julia Kohles
Gravity in Motion -- Sophia Ricci
Powerful Focus -- Katherine Stevens

Impact Award – Tomorrow


Choreography Award
Stephen Blandino for Purgatory