Junior Miss Turn It Up, Caiden
Ava, 1st place overall teen soloist at Turn It Up
Alyssa, Shane, Cami and Eliana at Turn It Up
Alyssa, Frankie and Jordan
Alyssa at Turn It Up
Alex and Cami at Starbound
Caiden, Miss Junior Turn It Up
Brenna and Gia at Turn It Up
Stole the Show, 3rd place overall teen small group at Starquest
Sapphire team backstage ready to go on for Moments Passed
Alyssa, Hannah, Alex, Caroline and Adriana at Starquest
Caroline at Starquest
Kailey and Maddie at Starquest
The Sapphire team, 1st place overall senior large group at Starquest for Dangerous and 2nd place for Moments Passed
Gia at Starquest
Brenna at Starbound
Bird Girl, 1st place overall teen small group at Starquest
Gia and Ava, 4th place overall senior duet at Starquest
1st place overall senior solo at Starquest, Brenna, with Miss Marie and Miss Suzy
Jordan, 1st place overall teen solo at Starbound