Advanced Competition Team 


Cripple Bird EmbersGrief Planets

Welcome to students 4-18! By Audition only. 

The advanced competition team offers elite training in a wide variety of genres. Our award winning teachers are dedicated to advancing the  technical training of our students, all while crafting their artistic abilities. Dancers will be personally guided throughout the year as they compete at both regional and national levels!


Novice Competition Team 


EDA NoviceEDA NoviceEDA NoviceEDA Hiphop

Welcome to students ages 6-18! 

Novice competition team is perfect for students who are looking gain the experience of competition, but at a smaller commitment level. Dancers will train throughout the year to compete at a regional level!


Recreational Program 


EDA RecreationalEDA RecreationalEDA RecreationalEDA Recreational

Welcome to students ages 2-18!

Recreational classes are fun-filled, but educational. These classes include the following genres:

  • Ballet 

  • Jazz 

  • Tap 

  • Lyrical 

  • Hip-Hop

  • Acrobatics